A Brief History

The history of claymation dates back to the invention of plasticine in 1897. The earliest surviving use of the technique is The Sculptor’s Nightmare , a spoof on the 1908 presidential election. Michael Frierson, author of the 1994 book Clay Animation: American Highlights, 1908 to the Present feels that claymation or stop-motion animation is a true art form and maybe this was the reason is never made big inroads into the animation world. Some of the milestones in claymation history include:

Claymation has evolved overtime and now includes the use of add-ons which can include wooden heads, replacement limbs, clothes, and painting.

The Process

a) The idea.

b) The storyboard

c) Tools

d) Creating Your Character

d) Designing the props and background

e) Color and Sound

f) Shooting The Movie

g) Producing your claymation movie

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