What is a Storyboard?

In the basic sense a storyboard is a sequence of hand drawn pictures arranged to represent the events of a story which will be filmed, placed in the order in which they will be edited and shown. In addition to the drawings, the cut and paste technique using clip art could be included along with potential sound effects that may be used to enhance a particular scene or scenes. The storyboard should directs the animator and film maker in the basics of what camera angles should be used, the type of lighting preferred, character arrangement, and prop arrangement and should eliminate any confusion when production begins. The most important point is to remember that the storyboard is a preview of your movie and it is the framework for the continuity in your production work. The more information provided in your storyboard, the easier it will be to do your claymation and create a final product. The description of the above storyboard is referred to as a Production Storyboard.

Other types of Storyboards

Some Important Points

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