Math Terminology

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1 2 3 4        
  6       7             8 9        
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    14 15       16 17      
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20   21         22                                
                23                           24
    26       27                   28                    
29             30     31 32                   33  
        34               35    
      36     37   38    
  39             40     41      
  42   43       44                  
45                                       46        
  48           49   50                           51                  
      52   53     54     55
    56   57                          
        59           60     61            
62               63         64  
        65   66                 67              
      69   70              
71         72               73                          
75               76
    77     78               79          
83           84                      


4. a line segment whose endpoints lie on the circle

7. a u-shaped curve

9. a radical made up of a number and a radical

10. another name for exponent

11. the number or variable under the root sign

12. the set of all possible outcomes in a probability experiment

15. the number of square units needed to cover a surface

18. a statement we believe to be true and accept as true

21. a ratio of two polynomials

23. an equation in which the variable makes at least one appearance beneath a radical sign

27. having exactly the same size and shape

28. used to show the repeated multiplication of a factor

29. an angle produced when a side of a figure is extended past the vertex

32. coplanar circles having the same centre

34. an expression written entirely as a product of factors

39. a loan that allows the consumer to repay in full at any time

43. positive square root of a number

45. any value of the variable that causes the denominator of the rational expression to be zero

46. an arc less than the semicircle

48. lines in the same plane that never meet

50. a vertical line that cuts a parabola into two congruent halves

51. points that lie on a straight line

57. angles that form a z-pattern with parallel lines and a transversal

58. the name for the value remaining when this value is smaller than the divisor

59. a term of degree 1

61. a line having one point in common with a circle

62. the value of x where the line cuts the x-axis

65. division by zero

67. (budget amount divided by total value of tax assessment) times 1000

70. polygons having corresponding angles congruent and corresponding sides in proportion

72. the lowest y-values that can be used to create a graph

73. payments of equal amounts including interest made over a specified period of time

74. a ray or line segment that divides an angle or a line segment into two equal parts

75. the factor that is repeatedly multiplied

78. all numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers

79. the set of values that may be substituted for x and still give a meaningful value for y

80. comes from Latin word radix and means root

82. a loan taken out in order to pruchase a house

83. factors shared by a number of terms

84. a root that does not satisfy the original equation

85. an arc greater than a semicircle

86. a radicla with no number in front of the radical sign


1. angles which add to 180 degrees

2. a line passing through two points of a circle

3. a line segment one of whose endpoints is the centre of the circle and the other is on the circle

4. angles which add to 90 degrees

5. value of y at the point where the curve cuts the y-axis

6. a line that cuts parallel lines

8. the distance a number is from zero

13. a polynomial made up of one term

14. the number being divided by

16. a term containing no variables

17. a payment made at the time of purchase

19. to divide into two equal parts

20. theside opposite the right angle in a right triangle

22. numbers in the set {1, 2, 3, 4, ...}

24. the number that multiples a variable base to a power

25. numbers that can not be written as a ratio of two integers

26. the point at which a parabola changes direction

30. the set of y-numbers that result upon replacing x by numbers from the domain

31. continuous or unbroken part of a circle

33. an expression made up of any number of terms separated by "=" or "-"

35. angles that form a F-pattern with parallel lines and a transversal

36. an angle whose vertex is the centre of the circle and whose sides each contain the radius of the circle

37. numbers in the set {0, 1, 2, 3, ...}

38. the answer to a division

40. an expression made up of two terms

41. set of all points in a plane that are the same distance from a fixed point

42. charge one pays for the credit received which includes interest and cost of servicing the contract

44. the fixed point of a circle

47. a term of degree 2

48. rational numbers such as 81, 121, 144/25

49. a subset or a portion of a sample space

52. the sum of the list price and taxes

53. the highest y values that can be used to create a graph

54. angles formed by two intersecting lines

55. price you pay for the item prior to taxes

56. an angle whose vertex is on the circle and whose sides each contain a chord of a circle

60. advance of goods or services for the promise to repay in the future

63. comparing of outcomes of an event to the number of outcomes in the sample space

64. order of operations

66. number under the division sign

68. obtained by squaring a binomial

69. numbers in the set {..., -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, ...}

71. ratio of lengths of two corresponding sides of a pair of similar polygons

76. a chord passing throught the centre of a circle

77. an integer greater than 1 whose only integral factors are 1 and itself

81. any polygon that has all sides and interior angles congruent


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