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          27 28
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5. another name for equity in a vehicle

7. depending on or conforming to accpeted standards or rules

8. seller's assurance of the conditions of the goods being sold

9. lease that allows you return the vehicle at th eend of the lease with no further responsibilities

11. All the vehicles owned by a company or other organization

13. the value of property beyond the total amount owned on it

15. paying for the use of a car but over a short period of time

16. something given as a pledge of repayment

17. what is left over at the end of a lease

19. an examination of the relationships of all the variables

22. pays off the vehicle purchase price

23. The price of your old car when you are selling it in part exchange for another one

25. a document containing the terms of the agreement

26. money placed in items such as mutual funds or stocks

29. a system of protection against loss

30. you pay the entire cost of the vehicle

31. process to arrive at an agreed upon price

32. a person who uses goods or services


1. legal right of possession

2. the managment of money

3. a reduction in expense

4. insurance that pays the difference between what you owe on a lease and the vlaue of the vehicle

6. an amount of money owed for a specified period of time with a repayable intertest

10. amount of money paid for sevices between car dealer and leasing company

12. a company controlled by another company

14. a decrease in value of property through wear

18. the window list price of a new car

20. a method of payment for the use of a car over a specified period of time

21. a type of lease where you are responsible for paying difference between residual and actual market value

24. another name for the process of reduction in value

27. a compulsory payment of a percentage of value of goods

28. To restore something to working condition


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