The following list represents some apps that may be of interest to secondary teachers. This list is based on personal use of the apps and from recommendations from other educators (Greg Swanson: Senior Project Officer- eLearning, Australia; Med Kharbach: Teacher, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada; Beth Holland: Senior Associate at EdTech Teacher, Providence, Rhode Island Area;). The icons used are screen selections from the Apple Apps site and the summaries are from information provided on the site or from reviewers of the app. Clicking on the icon is a direct link to that particular app which then gives you the opportunity to review the app in a more indepth manner and decide whether or not to download. In many cases you will be able to find either a free or a paid version of the apps I have presented. If you would like to contribute to this site by either recommending apps or by providing a critique please contact me at

The Apps are grouped as follows:

Helpful Hints when using your ipad: