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- to change select the iPhoto menu and then click on Preferences


  • permits the placement of either a shadow (drop shadow against a white background), a frame or no frame around each photo
  • using the slider allows the choice of background color - black - to - white
  • Align to Grid
    • if checked the photos are aligned based on an invisible grid
    • if not checked as many photos as possible are placed on each row
  • Most Recent on Top
    • placed most recently imported photos at the top of the photo library
    • if not checked photos placed at the bottom of photo library

Double Click

  • by default double clicking on image changes to Edit view
  • if Separate Window is selected double clicking opens the photo in a separate editing window
  • if photo editing software (Photoshop) is to be selected, select Other and click Set button to select the program of choice.

Rotate Photos

  • permits the rotation of images either clockwise or counterclockwise when the Rotate bottom is clicked


Viewing Photos

Importing Photos

a) From a camera

Note: each camera has its own specific settings for transferring images. For example if a Canon A70 is used, the switch beside the LCD screen must be in a down position prior to image transfer.

b) From a Hard Drive

Deleting Images

Labeling Photos

a) Keywords

  • Editing
    • keyword represents broad groups or topics which permit sorting by that particular category
    • iPhoto installs some keywords which can be edited except for None (check mark) and permits the addition of other keywords
    • to edit keywords go to the Edit Menu and click on Edit Keywords. Highlight the keyword and type in a new name. When complete click on Done.
  • Assigning
    • photos can be assigned keywords
    • select image to which keywords are to be assign, select the keywords and click on assign
    • any number of keywords can be assigned to an image
    • to remove all keywords assigned to an image click on the Checkmark. If an individual keyword is to be removed click on the keyword and then click on remove
    • to assign a keyword(s) to a group of images highlight all the pictures that will be part of the group and then select the keywords that would be assigned to a single image.
  • Searching by Keyword
    • search by any keyword by clicking on that keyword or by typing

b) Image Titles

  • each photo can be given a name or title
  • click on the photo to rename and the name of the photo will appear next to the Title. Type in a new name and press Return

c) Comments

  • to open the Comment Window click on "i" found in the Album Panel
  • to add comments (description of the picture) click on the Comment Window
  • any type of information can be inserted

Photo Albums

Editing Photos

Original Photo
Enhanced Photo
Cropped Photo
Black and White Photo