Movement Toward A Viewer

(adapted from Flash 5 by Bill Sanders and used with his permission)




a) Layers

b) Background

  • two gradients will be used to create the background
  • to create the ground portion of the background
    • select either the Rectangle Tool from the Toolbox
    • click on the Stroke Color Well and set the Stoke Color to none by selecting the icon made up of a circle with the diagonal red line.
    • select the Color Swatches Panel from the Windows Menu and click on the two tone gray gradient (lower left hand of Swatches Panel)
    • Click on the House shaped icon in the middle left hand side (Gradient Selectors) of the Color Mixer panel and select a green color. Move the color slider on the right hand palette (Fine Color Adjustment) to select the desired color.

c) The Plane

  • to draw the straight components of the use the Line Tool
  • for the curved portions use the Brush Tool and use the Options Panel to select the smallest size of brush (first drop down menu) and select the circle shape found in the second drop down menu.
  • instead of the Brush Tool and Pencil Tool may be used with its Option setting at smooth.

d) The Sun

  • select the circle tool with no color in the Stroke Color Well and a very light color in the Fill Color Well
  • draw a large circle with W = 200 and H = 200 in the first third of the stage so that the bottom of the circle (sun) overlaps where the sky meets the ground.
  • the bottom portion of the sun that covers the ground must be removed
  • select the Lasso Tool from the Toolbox and click on the Polygon Mode from the Option menu at the bottom of the Toolbox.
  • drag a straight line across the bottom of the circle at the horizon line and then click around the outside of the sun back to the starting point

e) The Motion

f) A Variation


Plane Movie One

Plane Movie Two