Moving Along a Path

(adapted from Flash 5 by Bill Sanders and used with his permission)





Creation of the Background Layer (See Figure One)

Drawing of the Ladybug

  • The drawing of a ladybug will involve the use of two colors: black for the outline, spots, legs and antennae and red for the fill
  • The Line Tool will be used for the drawing and the drawing will be done in the Ladybug layer.
  • To assist in the drawing of the ladybug it is suggested that you increase the magnification to 200 or maybe even 400
  • With the drawing complete use the Info Panel and set the dimensions of the ladybug at H = 60 and W = 40
  • Select the Insert Menu and then select the Convert to Symbol (shortcut is pressing the F8 key). When the Symbol Properties Dialog Box opens click on the button beside Graphic in the behaviors column. Use the name Ladybug for the symbol name and click OK. An instance of the symbol Ladybug has been created.

Adding a Motion Guide Layer