Shape Tweening and Morphing

(adapted from Flash 5 by Bill Sanders and used with his permission)





a) Layers

b) The Background

  • insert a dummy layer. This layer will be used to draw, align and copy the circle.
  • select the circle and keep the 10 stroke value
  • in the Stoke Color Well select a purple color and in the Fill Color Well select a light blue
  • draw a circle with W = 320 and H = 320
  • open the Modify menu and select the Align panel and center the circle on the stage using the Center Vertical and center Horizontal commands

c) The Stem

d) The Flower

  • select the Circle Tool and set the Fill Color Well to yellow.
  • draw a circle which will represent the center of the flower and position it above the stem (see diagram two)
  • for each petal
    • select a petal and use the Free Transform Tool from the Toolbox to rotate the petal to its correct orientation.
    • use the arrow keys and move the petal into its desired position

e) The Shape Tween

Flower Movie